Porto: Day 1

Carmelite churchAfter 10 hours of combined flying, fiver hours layover, and a three-hour train ride, I’ve arrived at Porto. The AirBnB flat is in a convenient location, and there is a grocery store across the road. This is not a city for high heels; I’m glad I don’t wear them. Most of the sidewalks are very narrow and cobbled. The streets here remind me very much of the side streets in Sliema, Malta.

Pictured above is the combined Carmelite Church (built in the 17th Century) and the Carmo Church (Igrejo do Carmo), built in the 18th Century in Baroque style. A narrow house stands between the churches; it is that very narrow slit with the two white windows and the green door. The churches were closed when I walked by, but I’ll try to visit when they are open. The side of the Carmo church is adorned in blue and white porcelain, as shown below:

Carmelite church_side view

Below is the view of the cobbled Rua da Cedofeita:

Rua da CedofeitaAn interesting window display on this street; most of these items are related to First Holy Communion gifts.

Religious items

A World War I memorial:

WWI memorial

My flat is by the Martires da Liberdade Garden:

Martires da Liberdades Garden_02

Off to bed to try to get some sleep before my presentation tomorrow.







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