Porto: Day 2

I spent most of this day attending the conference and giving my paper in the morning. The photograph above is the view of the Rio Duoro, taken from the patio of the university building we were in.

After dinner, I decided to visit the São Bento train station, which is supposed to have very beautiful walls. The city of Porto would certainly pose a challenge for people with limited mobility, and for those who need assistive devices to move around. Many of the streets are steep, and the cobbled streets and very narrow sidewalks would be very hard to negotiate.

Along the way to the train station, I saw the Paços de Concelho, shown below. I thought it was a church, until I saw the information about it on my map. It is certainly a very ornate building for a city hall. The photo was taken from a side street. The lighting from the main street was not very good, because the sky was too hazy.

Pacos de ConcelhoThe train station has very beautiful walls. The station was inaugurated in 1916. The walls are covered with azulejo tile, and depict a variety of historical events.

Sao Bento train station_01Sao Bento train station_02

The return walk to my flat was all uphill. The humidity was at 100% this evening, so it was quite a slog up those streets. Winding down now with a cup of lavender chamomile tea.

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