Lisbon: Day 3

There is a time lag between days 2 and 3, as the keyboard on my Chromebook acted up while I was away, so I waited until I returned home to continue the travelogue.

Today I visited the Chiado district, which adjoins the Baixa district I visited the other day but, as can be seen from the image above, is at the top of the hill. The streets are steep, as you can see. There is a tram that goes joins the Baixa and Chaido districts, but I found it easier to get off at the Baixa-Chiado Metro station, which exits at the top of the hill.

The Chiado district consists of a number of mostly local shops and, of course, the ever present cafes and pastry shops. I’ve noticed that shoe stores seem to be very popular in Portugal, as they are in Spain and Malta. You don’t see such a large number of shoe stores in Canada. There are a surprisingly large number of watch stores in Lisbon as well, which is odd, given that so many younger people forgo watches in favour of their smartphones.

The most interesting part of Chiado is the Bertrand’s bookstore, which is the oldest operating bookstore in the world.

The bookstore used to be independently owned, but is now part of a chain. The interior of the store is lovely, with lower ceilings and wooden bookshelves. There is a good collection of books, including some in English. The cafe was a welcome respite from the often noisier street cafes.

I walked down to the Baixa district and the Praça do Comércio, where I had an excellent pizza for lunch, made in the true Neapolitan style. I had been craving pizza for days, and the restaurant made me a very good vegetarian pizza without cheese. The Praça was set up with a large screen for a public viewing of the World Cup final later in the day between France and Croatia. In both Porto and Lisbon, the largest number of tourists I encountered were French, so there were a lot of the Tricolore waving in the streets.

Since I don’t have cable TV at home, I took advantage of the situation and watched the final from the TV in my accommodations.

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