Real Fake Meats



Real Fake Meats is Halifax’s first vegan butcher store. I have been there a few times since it’s opened and plan to be a regular customer. I don’t generally buy too many faux meat products, as I prefer to use vegetables and grains, but I am very partial to seitan bacon. Although I can make seitan at home, it can be a long process, so I do like the convenience of buying it ready made.

The store has a variety of plant-based deli items such as turkey, seitan bacon, donair meat, cheeses, and desserts. There is a rotating deli menu as well; there isn’t a lot of seating in the shop, so most people take the food to go. The image above is of the Philly cheeze sandwich, which is delicious. The seitan bacon is divine, and I’ve never managed to make it home before eating any of the desserts. Also worth mentioning is the tofu feta, which is fabulous.

My one concern about the store is the plastic packaging used: The cheeses and desserts are packed in lidded plastic tubs, while the meats are in vacuum-sealed plastic bags. Happily, however, I spoke to the owner about whether I could bring my own containers, and she said they would be happy to oblige.

Whenever I’ve been there, which has been in winter so far, I’ve seen a few people come in wearing down coats or leather bags, so the clientele does not consist of only vegans. The staff told me that, in fact, many of the regular clients are omnivores who are looking for vegan alternatives as a way to reduce their consumption of animal products. Naturally, I was delighted to hear this, particularly since it’s a way for omnivores to understand the many delicious plant-based alternatives available to them.

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