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TANIT oral care

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I take dental care very seriously. This is an area where I struggle to find low waste solutions. I still use a commercial fluoride toothpaste that comes in a plastic tube, as I’m not willing to sacrifice my tooth enamel in the name of avoiding plastic. Recently, however, I have added some low waste products to supplement my fluoride toothpaste.

Although I use my fluoride toothpaste twice a day, I have been using TANIT tooth tabs in the afternoon after lunch, and in the evening after dinner. These tooth tabs contain nHAp, which is known to help remineralize tooth enamel. I’m not comfortable relying on only nHap, so I’m keeping my fluoride tubes, but in this way, I’m not replacing the tubes as often. I’ve tried different brands of tooth tabs before and was not impressed: Most contained a high amount of baking soda, which is very hard on my gums and can damage enamel. I’ve also found some of the other brands of tabs to be difficult to crush into a soft powder, which served to further aggravate my gums. The TANIT tabs break down very quickly to a soft powder and I’ve experienced absolutely no tooth or gum sensitivity after using them twice daily for nearly four months.

I received the new TANIT mouthwash tabs yesterday, which also contain nHap. I like to use mouthwash to provide an extra level of protection to tooth enamel, as well as to make sure that all toothpaste and food residue is completely gone. Commercial toothpastes all come in plastic bottles and usually contain a lot of artificial colours and flavours. I’ve never been able to use the alcohol-based mouthwashes, as I found them very unpleasant. I like to use mouthwash after I drink coffee to help cut down on staining the teeth; yes, I could use simple water, but it never feels quite the same. I was delighted to try the TANIT mouthwash tabs; you simply crush them between your teeth (like the toothpaste tabs, they break down very easily), take a sip or two of water, and swish for 30 seconds. The tabs have a pleasant minty taste and contain grapefruit seed extract and spearmint; in addition, they contain xylitol, which is an effective anti-bacterial agent.

Both sets of tabs come in glass jars with bamboo lids. Refill tabs come in a compostable package. The icing on the cake: TANIT is a vegan Canadian company based in Quebec.

3 thoughts on “TANIT oral care”

  1. This post arrived in my RSS feed with some serendipity. I just had a bit of dental work done, and was actively looking to up my fluoride game. In a past post, you mentioned occasionally using a toothpaste packaged in aluminum – (sorry, aluminium!) – that did not include fluoride. I’d be interested in knowing whether an after-brush fluoride mint would be as beneficial.

    I regret that my mind keeps rearranging the letters of this mint brand. (A side effect of playing too much Wordle, I suppose.) I don’t know how keen I am to have šŸŸ©šŸŸ©šŸŸØšŸŸØšŸŸ©-flavoured breath, but it’s still good to know that these exist.

    1. I already regret sharing the second half of that comment… Let’s just blame that on ‘I have no filter when my face is frozen after the dentist’ and move along.

  2. Dan, the non-fluoride toothpaste in the aluminium tube is made by Davids. It’s a US product that is carried in some health food stores, or you can buy it from Well Canada: The TANIT oral products contain nHap, so I think they are better at protecting enamel. There are a few dental tabs with fluoride e.g., Denttabs, but they tend to be either US or European. You might want to discuss with your dentist whether nHap would be sufficient for your needs.

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