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Low-waste Phox water filter

I’ve been using the Phox water filter pitcher for over two years and thought I would share my thoughts with you about it. When my last Brita pitcher developed a crack in the plastic casing, I looked around for a more eco-friendly water filtration system. My concern with most standard water filtration pitchers was with the wasteful filters encased in plastic. I know that Brita can take the filters back for recycling but, as I’ve said many times, recycling is not a very green option. I had tried Kishu carbon filter sticks, but didn’t find them very effective.

I came across a recently launched UK product, Phox, which intrigued me; fortunately, it was available via a Canadian website. As you can see from the picture above, the main body of the pitcher is made of glass. The pitcher has a refillable cartridge; you fill it with filter granules every 45 days, which come in a compostable package. The filters come in a cardboard box (I buy a year’s supply). You do need to throw the granules in the garbage, but it’s a lot better than an entire plastic-encased filter. The water tastes very good and clean. My local tap water is certainly safe and drinkable, but I prefer to filter it. You choose between two types of filter granules: the Clean Refill, which is what I use, or the Alkaline Refill, which has added magnesium. The cardboard box with the filters fits into my regular mailbox and comes via Canada Post. You can download an App to remind you to change your filter every 45 days. A nice bonus is that the pitcher has a clean, minimalist look, which I love. If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic filters, Phox might be a good option for you. The main caveat is that the pitcher doesn’t fit on regular fridge shelves. I don’t refrigerate my water, so it’s not a problem for me. As I discuss below, Phox has released an other option for fridges.

The Phox UK site has added a new plastic water filter jug that is designed to fit in the fridge shelf. This version also comes with a refillable cartridge that uses the same filter granules as the glass pitcher. The plastic pitcher isn’t yet available on the Canadian site, but I’m sure it will be soon. I prefer my glass version, but for those who like to refrigerate their pitchers, the new plastic version might be a better choice.

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