Six trends that will accelerate the adoption of technology in higher education

According to the 2014 Horizon report on higher education, the following trends will accelerate the adoption of technology:

  1. Growing ubiquity of social media
  2. Integration of online, hybrid, and collaborative learning
  3. Rise of data-driven learning and assessment
  4. Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators
  5. Agile approaches to change
  6. Evolution of online learning

LOL my thesis

This blog, published by a senior at Harvard University, invites students to submit plain English versions of their thesis titles to often amusing effect.  Examples include:

  • The dictionary can be a dangerous place to search for the meaning of a word.
  • They knew a thing or two about computer security in 1641.
  • We came. We saw. We set some limits.
  • It is possible to build an academic career out of injecting globs of virus into people’s eyes