Wardrobe update: Adding a new pair of sandals

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a shoe person. I keep my collection of shoes as small as possible. My favourite type of footwear is an ankle boot, but clearly this won’t do for the summer months. When I did my wardrobe inventory two weeks ago, I was down to two pairs of summer shoes: A pair of pink sneakers (the only pink thing I own), and a dressier pair of black sandals. I wanted to add a third pair in a brown shade. I’ve wanted to add a pair of Birkenstock-type sandals, but vegan versions aren’t easy to find. Birkenstock does carry some vegan sandals, but only in black, white, and light cream. Light cream shows dirt too easily, and I never wear white shoes. After some searching, I found exactly what I was looking for at Call It Spring, a Canadian company that makes only vegan products and is PETA certified. The Firewia sandal, pictured above, is exactly the colour I wanted, and comes in half sizes, which isn’t true for a lot of shoes. I’m not sure about the long-term quality of these shoes, but they do seem well made so far, and other shoes or boots I’ve bought from this company have served me well.


Vegan shoes from Nice Shoes

Finding good, well made vegan shoes can be a challenge at times.  I bought the Vuno Bronze and Megan Slide from Nice Shoes, an online vegan store based in Vancouver. Both pairs of shoes fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I don’t wear heels any more, as years of sports injuries have left me with bad knees and ankles. This store has a good variety of vegan handbags, socks, and belts, too.

Vuno Bronze


Megan Slide