In honour of Kirk Douglas

Since yesterday was Kirk Douglas’ birthday, I thought I’d reflect on some of my favourites of his works. Kirk Douglas has been an acquired taste for me, as I normally prefer actors with a more subtle touch, a quality I do not easily associate with him. Douglas excelled at playing tortured, driven characters and was associated with many significant films.  I certainly admire his passion for life and films, both of which were very evident in his book I am Spartacus, which chronicles all the work he put into ensuring that this film was made, and his insistence on using the blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Douglas had an intense presence on the screen; it’s impossible to take your eyes off him. He was unabashedly larger than life.  To commemorate his 97th birthday, Douglas listed his birthday wishes:

  • A world where weapons, big and small, are symbols of weakness, not strength
  • A world where religion informs values, not governments
  • A world where the air is breathable, the water drinkable and the food is healthy and plentiful
  • A world where poor people are the smallest percentage of the population
  • A world where education and health care are available to everyone
  • A world where prejudice based on race, religion and nationality is non-existent
  • A world where smoking tobacco is considered a ridiculous practice from a bygone era
  • A world where all diseases are curable and physical pain is no longer a part of life
  • A world where we control technology, not the other way around
  • A world where greed is never considered good

Not a shabby list at all, Mr. Douglas.  Below is a list of my favourite Douglas films:

spartacus seven days paths aceout


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