The ever elegant William Powell and My man Godfrey

I notice that today, TCM is showing the 1936 My man Godfrey, starring William Powell as the titular character, Carole Lombard, and Eugene Pallette.  This is one of my favourite comedies:  It features bitingly funny and sophisticated dialogue, delivered to wonderful effect by all the actors, but particularly by Eugene Pallette, as the beleaguered patriarch of an oddball assortment of family members, including the wastrel hanger-on Carlo played by the excellent Mischa Auer.  When it comes to comedies, Hollywood really doesn’t make them like this any more:  So many of today’s comedies rely upon vulgarity, broad slapstick, juvenile and scatological humour, all of which render them distinctly unfunny.  This film, on the other hand, uses wit, subtlety, and sophistication, and assumes that its audience has a certain degree of intelligence and discernment.  I never tire of watching this film, as I always pick up a subtle element that I missed in my last viewings. Powell excelled at sophisticated wit and wry humour.  Lombard is, as always, a treat:  She is scatterbrained, talks a mile a minute, and is absolutely loveable. Not to be missed.



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